The lady Beverly at the front desk was very kind and helpful when we walked in. There was no waiting time. The doctor explained everything in a timely manner and had sophisticated equipment that was used during my exam to make hearing aids that were programmed to my hearing. I could hear about 33% of the words when I got there and by the time he was finished with my exam and put the the specialty programmed hearing aids in, I was hearing at 78% if not more. I highly recommend and I get to go back and have the hearing aids reprogrammed as many times as needed. I am very satisfied with my visit there and highly recommend if you are looking for a good set of hearing aids!
Theresa Willams, on Google
Everyone was super friendly made me feel comfortable and doctor was great explained everything to me answered my questions that is a very important thing to patience. I would recommend Autobell to anyone who was seeking to get a checkup to see if they needed a hearing aid to help them out I loved it I was scared I was even a little embarrassed because I was having an issue but I felt comfortable when I left so if you think you are not hearing so clearly I would highly recommend going here. Cynthia Paris
sue paris, on Google
Great staff with perfection insight and very knowledgeable in there services. Mr. East was very professional and very knowledgeable about what he is doing. He's very easy going and easy to understand. I highly recommend this practice to anyone having problems hearing.
Greg Rogers, on Google
This place was so professional. The receptionist greeted me as soon as I entered. She asked for insurance and gave Mr some papers to fill out. The audiologist explained every step of the testing, shared results with me and helped me get the best hearing aids ordered to help my future hearing. I look forward to going back to pick my new hearing aids. Thank you Audibel!
Nancy Webb, on Google

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